4K316SSB Micro Oil Skimmer


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  • The main structure, floats, retainer straps and fasteners are made using 316 Marine grade stainless steel.
  • The 316 stainless steel floats are sealed and contain ballast to stabilize and hold the skimmer at the required depth..
  • The stainless steel floats are sealed using 316SS x 1.5mm LSI BOC Stainless Steel Wire rod.
  • Pipes and ancillary fittings used are constructed from Polypropylene and PVC plastic.
  • The 4K316SSB floating surface skimmer comes complete with a self-adjusting floating head.

The standard floating head used on the 4K316SSB oil skimmer is made a polypropylene fabric concertina machined with a rigid PVC head that floats at the surface. As water is drawn down through the concertina it automatically adjusts its horizontal position relative to the water’s surface to allow the required amount of water as drawn by the pump to pass over it.
The depth to which the weir positions below the surface of the water is known as the “cut”, the less the amount being pumped the finer the cut. It stands to reason therefore that the finer the cut is the heavier will be the concentration of contaminant drawn over the weir.

We have tested the materials used to construct the 4K316SSB oil skimmer and found them to withstand high water temperatures and a wide variety of solvents including hydrocarbon-based materials as well as salt and caustic solutions.

Dragonfly Stainless Steel Concertina Skimmer Benefits

  • Light (4.15kg) and easily handled.
  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Unaffected by heat to 100c.
  • Marine grade stainless steel (316SS) has high resistance to corrosion.
  • Polypropylene & PVC heat and acid proof fittings.
  • Self-adjusting.
  • Floats, unaffected by changing water levels.
  • Low maintenance – no mechanical moving parts.
  • Small, 350mm diameter. operates in very restricted areas e.g. pits
  • Can be controlled remotely.
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Capacity, effective to 4000 liters/Ph. (1000 US Gallons) per hour.
  • Will work up to 6000 liters/Ph. (1600 US Gallons) per hour.
  • Will work on gravity alone, without a pump.
  • The stainless steel K4316SSB Micro Oil Skimmer an be fitted with a 20mmpolyethylene trash guard.

To ensure its proper operation, it is best to install the skimmer so that it floats reasonable evenly in the water without the influence of the suction hose pulling it into an uneven position. This may involve using flotation to support the hose somewhere near the skimmer. The combination of the concertina and floating head will tend to level the weir in rough conditions and in situations where the unit is not entirely even in the water.

To help achieve this outcome we have included 1.2 meter hose and fittings (see picture) that should be fastened to the skimmer at the skimmers outlet. Install the hose so that it floats near the surface of the water. The hose supplied with the skimmer is tightly packed in the box and may be subject to shape memory. This can easily be overcome by immersing the hose in hot water to heat it, and holding it straight as it cools.

Dragonfly Stainless Steel Concertina Skimmer Dimensions:

  • The 4K316SSB floating oil skimmer measures 340mm x 340mm x 230 to fit through a 350mm opening.
  • The draught of the 4K316SS Floating Oil Skimmer is 160mm. That is from the water level to lowest part of bottom fitting.
  • This skimmer can also be supplied with a slip on trash guard made from a 20mm polyethylene.

The 4K316SSB Micro Oil Skimmer is designed to skim oil and other floating materials from the surface of liquids. It is advisable to reduce the amount of water crossing the weir to a point where skimming is most effective. It is also advisable to use a pump that works within the parameters of the 4K316SSB skimmers design, if this can’t be achieved, a water bypass valve to reduce the intake of water over the weir at the head of the skimmer should be installed.

When the Skimmer is at rest in the water, ideally the top of the floating weir should be just below either the surface or just barely breaking the surface.

Adjustments can be made as needed to lower or raise the floating weir by loosening the straps at the bottom of the floats and raising or lowering the floats as required. This requirement however is very unusual.


The preferred pumps to use in oily water handling to reduce emulsification of oil are positive displacement pumps such as helical rotor pumps or double diaphragm pumps. However if that is not a concern centrifugal pumps are also an option.  Single diaphragm pumps are not recommended as they tend to pull the skimmers back and forth on the water’s surface thereby impeding the skimming action and leading to possible damage to the Skimmer.  To achieve the best skimming results it is advisable to have the surface of the liquid as settled as possible. The 4K316SSB Micro Oil Skimmers however are designed in such a way that even in rough conditions they will obtain good results and withstand rough treatment

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