1. I already own an automatic bottom pool cleaner. Why should I get a Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner?
The automatic bottom pool cleaner is a vacuum which means it only cleans the bottom of your pool. However, it does nothing to clean the water surface, which is where debris, pollens and airborne soot collect. The Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner takes the greater part of surface debris directly to the filter without allowing the debris to percolate through the water to the bottom.
2. Can I use the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner with my automatic bottom pool cleaner?
Yes, it can be set up to work simultaneously with most automatic bottom pool cleaners.
3. Does the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner float around the water surface at the same pace a bottom pool cleaner does?
No, it does not constantly move around your pool. The Dragonfly™ Pool Cleaner works with the water surface tension. It will tend to move in the direction of any wind currents, but for the most part it will find its “sweet spot” and do its job there. If there are heavy wind conditions, it can be tethered to one constant position to collect debris that is being blown to one location.
4. How long should I run my filter when using the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner?
Conditions such as wind, leaves, length of hose and strength of the pump have different effects on each pool. We recommend that initially you run the filter system 3 times per day for 2 hours at a time. The filter will come on every 6 hours and stay on for 2 hours. You may be able to reduce the time if you see that the initial setting of 2 hours 3 times per day is too long, meaning that the Dragonfly™ is doing its job with less running time.
5. Does the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner work in above ground pools?
Yes, it works well in above ground pools.
6. Does it matter what material the swimming pool is made from?
The Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner will work with all types of pools made from various materials.
7. How does the Dragonfly™ Pool Cleaner compare to other pool cleaners in quality of materials and durability of parts?
The materials are light weight and UV resistant making it very durable. Unlike other bottom cleaners, there is only one moving part. Because of its simple design there is minimal maintenance required.
8. Can I, as a pool owner, set up the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner, or should I have a pool professional perform the installation?

The Assembly & Installation Guidelines are posted on this website. The steps are quite simple to follow. Depending on the strength of your pool pump, it may take several adjustments to get a level float.

9. Do water levels affect the operation of the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner?

It floats at the water’s surface so pool water levels will not affect its operation.

10. Is the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner compatible with all pool systems?

Yes, it is compatible with all pool systems – chlorine and salt.

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