Floating Pool Cleaner Description

df-lineartThe Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner is an innovative, award winning and economical product. It has been sold worldwide for the last 15 years and is absolutely the best pool cleaner available. It cleans the water surface of debris, pollens and airborne soot. It also stops contaminants before they reach the bottom of the pool.

The Dragonfly™ removes body oils from the water surface reducing waterline residues. It is made of light weight, UV resistant materials and has only one moving part. It works with dual action, utilizing top wiers and a side valve and is unaffected by water evaporation since it floats on the water’s surface.

The Dragonfly™ is compatible with all pool systems, chlorine or salt, and can be used with your pool’s existing filter since it does not restrict water supply to the pump. It can also be used with additional in-line filters for heavy floating debris and is compatible with most pool bottom cleaners.

14 1/2″ Without 90° Elbow
17 1/4″ With 90° Elbow

Bottom To Water Level Or Displacement Line
13″ Without 90° Elbow
15 3/4″ With 90° Elbow

19 1/4″ Length Each Side – Triangle

Dragonfly™ is a Registered Trademark
AUS Patent 659230
AUS Patent Pending 2013202087
USA Patent 5498348
USA Patent Pending 13/859247