Oil Skimmer Description


A small, floating, self-adjusting weir oil skimmer. Ideal for use in every strata of both industrial and domestic application. Well priced. The compact nature of the Micro Oil Skimmer allows it to be placed in even the smallest of areas such as pits and drains. It can also be deployed in accidental oil spills in minutes and left to skim oil without further attention, leaving workers free to attend to other matters reducing the need and cost for absorbent materials and their disposal.



Light and easily handled. It is particularly well suited to emergency situations such as creeks and rivers where there is always a greater risk of injury to emergency spill workers.


Available with leveling connection (Optional) for easy connection to existing equipment. The Dragonfly™ Micro Oil Skimmer is the most versatile weir skimmer on the market. Also made from entirely from tough, corrosion resistant marine grade stainless steel. It can deal with a variety of aggressive liquids at varying depths and concentrations. The oil skimmer can also be fixed to the side of a tank without floats.


Clears oil or other floating material from the surface of water more quickly than any other method.

  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Lightweight easy on man installation.
  • Effective in a large range of flow rates. For big jobs several skimmers can be run from one pump.
  • Works with pumps ranging from 3 to 1056 Gallons Per Hour (10-4000 Liters per hour).
  • Fittings to suit client requirements.
  • Special adaptations can be made where ever possible. (Not included in standard price.)
  • Triple floats for perfect stability.
  • Shallow draught.
  • Easily dis-assembled for cleaning, storage or transport.
  • Continuously meets performance standards.