Oil Skimmer Installation


The Dragonfly™ Micro Oil Skimmer is lightweight, therefore to ensure it’s proper operation it is important to install it in the water in such a way that there is a minimum of interference from heavy or rigid hoses pulling it into an uneven position. With this in mind we include what is referred to as a “universal connector”. This should be fastened to the Micro Oil Skimmer at the outlet. Note, there are a number of elbows involved in this connector and achieve the flexibility that is required it is important that the threaded connections on it that are under water are not over tightened, i.e. leave them loose so that they will allow movement. When assembling these sections screw them together until they start to tighten then back off until they start to move freely again. Do this with all the joints that will remain submerged. Assembling in this manner will assure that the skimmer will always float level, regardless of changing water levels or waves. The universal connector is made from polypropylene and fits into the outlet at the base of the skimmer, it can be set up to direct the hose to the side or straight down into the water.


Preferred pumps are positive displacement pumps such as helical rotors or double diaphragm pumps. Particular mention of double diaphragm pumps is made because single diaphragm pumps tend to buck and bounce the skimmer about on the water’s surface, impeding the skimming action and leading to possible damage to the skimmer itself. To achieve the best skimming results it is best to have the surface of the liquid as settled as possible. However, the Dragonfly™ Micro Oil Skimmer will still give good results in rough conditions.

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